Nanoindentation Instruments

Measure mechanics in biology with nanoindentation

nanoindentation Instruments

Measure mechanics in biology with nanoindentation

Piuma nanoindenter

This nanoindentation solution can measure the mechanical properties of biomaterials, tissues, hydrogels and other larger soft samples. The samples can be characterized in air and in liquid. The table-top Piuma Nanoindenter is robust and very time-efficient. 

Chiaro nanoindenter

The Chiaro is a nanoindentation instrument specifically designed for dual-use with any existing microscope. This enables the mechanical characterization of small samples such as cells and micro-particles. The compact Chiaro compact is easy to use but still highly accurate. 

Pavone nanoindentation platform

The Pavone is the worlds first fully integrated optical imaging, micro-mechanical indentation and incubation platform. The instrument provides a high-throughput solution to obtain larger quantities of datasets on mechanics of living cells and tissues.