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The Pavone: World’s first high-throughput mechanobiology platform

Piuma & Chiaro nanoindenter instruments

ZHAW Insitute using the Piuma nanoindenter

Support Videos

Piuma & Chiaro Software support videos

This video shows how the Piuma Nanoindenter instrument series are operated using the Piuma Nanoindentation software suite: From calibration and automatically performing multiple indentations of a prespecified area in quasi-static state, to dynamic use of various operational modes, including dynamic material analysis (DMA).

Piuma & Chiaro nanoindenter instrument Software V3

Piuma & Chiaro nanoindenter instrument Software V2.1.14


Chiaro installation support videos

Chiaro installation

Piezo Arm Mounting Guide Video for Chiaro

Piuma in Action

Piuma Nanoindenter performing a matrix scan on hydrogel in liquid

Piuma nanoindenter In action

Piuma nanoindenter: indentation of soft materials

Optics11 Horizon 2020


How can I test if Optics11 Life instruments can provide a solution for me?

Based on your application and needs, different options are possible. You can contact us, and we’ll figure out together the most suitable way to test our instruments with your application.

How can I request a quotation for Optics11 Life instruments?

By filling in the form on the product pages or the form on the right side of this page you can request a quotation for an instrument. An application specialist will contact you to discuss your needs.

What makes Optics11 Life instruments unique?

The innovative fiber-optical nanoindentation probes which are pre-calibrated, re-usable, and robust make the Optics11 Life instruments unique. Besides, the solutions bridge the gap from nano-mechanics to macr-mechanics and are easy to use.

How does fiber-optical interferometry work?
We use optical glass fibers to guide infrared laser-light through a cavity onto a cantilever. One part of the incoming wave is directly reflecting back into the fiber, whereas a second wave reflects from the cantilever and then propagates back into the fiber. Those two waves, same in wavelength, are shifted in phase when being superimposed. As the cantilever bends due to external stress, the phase changes 1:1 in relation to the cantilever bending. You can also watch the first video on this page: Piuma & Chiaro Nanoindenter Instruments. 
Can I buy Optics11 Life instruments in my country?

Optics11 Life supplies scientific instruments worldwide directly or via distributors. Optics11 Life is based in Amsterdam (headquarters), has a local sales branch in Boston, USA (see contact page), and for the regions China and Japan Optics11 Life (see contact page) collaborates with high-quality local distributors.

How can I get more information about Optics11 Life instruments?

Get in touch either by email: or phone: +31 20 598 8326 (headquarters) / +1 781 613 2030 (USA) with one of our application specialists.

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